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Maine Made Stuff provides the mystique of Maine to consumers worldwide by offering, online, craftsmanship of Maine and her people. Memories of Maine’s natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle are treasured by visitors and residents alike and are captured in the products available through Through Internet access at our online website store, the products can be viewed and securely purchased with ease and delivered directly to your door. Candles are made here in our home shop with only top quality wax, wicks, essence, and just the finest glass jars from Anchor Hocking, delighting us with the superiority of the candles appearance and aroma. Wholesale candles are available at trade shows, our online website, or by telephone. Retail candles are available at craft shows, fairs, farmers markets throughout New England, Internet and telephone. Relive the Maine Experience! Fill your home or office with the aroma of fresh blueberries, tart apples, or the pungent smell of a pine forest. If it is floral you prefer wild rose, lilac or perhaps frankincense will warm your soul. Let the flicker of candle light dance your worries away during the coolness of the moonlit evening. Burn time for these 16 oz candles is between 65 - 90 hours. Total burn time depends on how long you leave the candle burning each time you light it, and how well you care for the wicks. We use a two-wick process in our medium and large container candles causing them to burn cleaner, more efficient and more uniform than the one-wick process. The unique homemade fashion of production makes these candles unbeatable. 

If you or your gift recipient are unsatified in any way, please call or email our customer service center. We shall refund your purchase price as soon as the item is returned.  You are responsible for shipping the item to us in original condition. Thank you

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Maine Made Stuff
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